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    Bread Products
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7834 Kara MK6 Mighty Bap   1x24
    6986 Premium Plus Panesco Demi Baguette   1x45
    8087 RDB Thaw and Serve Half Baguette   1x30
    5225 Thaw & Serve Malted Baguette   1x30
    1998 Multi Cereal Demi Baguette   1x45
    7681 Pre-Grilled Panini   1x55
    2426 Panini 125g Panesco   1x45
    2438 Asst Mini Classic Rolls   1x100
    8461 Multicereal Roll 80x35g   1x80
    1152 Kara Floured Bap 5   1x48
    1568 Kara 5 Seeded Buns   1x48
    4522 Seed & Oat Gourmet Bap   1x48
    2431 4 Seeded Burger Buns   1x48
    2434 Plain Bap Kara 4"   1x48
    3527 Brioche Bun   1x36
    2126 Eurobun Jumbo Hot Dog Roll   1x48
    7671 Standard Hot dog Roll   1x48
    5922 Multicereal Bloomer   1x16
    3554 12" Plain Tortilla   1x108
    Bakery Products
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1494 Delifrance Croissant 55g   1x80
    6120 Pain au Chocolate D/Franc   1x80x60g
    1538 Danish Whirl   1x18
    5114 Mixed Danish Selection 4x12x90g   1x48x90g
    4908 Large Sultana Scone   1x60
    1363 Teacake Fletchers 4"   1x48
    1478 Teacake Fletchers 5"   1x48
    2327 Jam Doughnut Sugared   1x60
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    We stock a wide range of bakery products including bread and teacakes from Fletchers, baguettes from Delifrance, and bread and pizzettas from Panesco.