Bakery products by Berlys

Berlys-logoGibsons are proud to be one of the leading UK distributors of Berlys high quality continental breads and pastries.

Berlys range includes all the classic baguettes and rolls you may need together with unique rustic style breads that have become their trademark across Europe.

Berlys Bakery

  • Berlys Bakery
  • Last Updated 24/ 1/17

    Berlys Bakery
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6684 Gibsons Demi Baguette   1x60
    1597 Berlys Full Baguette Plus   1x38
    5207 Berlys Petit Pain (Bollo)   1x55
    2578 Rustic Payesita Cereal Baguette 140g   1x45
    7237 Barra Gallega 260   1x22
    8103 Demi 125g Barra Gallega   1x52
    5538 Campesina 23's   1x23
    1154 Ciabatta Thaw & Serve 140g   1x50
    3517 Gibsons Panini 110g   1x64
    5184 Berlys Croissant 60g   1x70
    6754 Dble Choc & Cream Muffin 110g x 20   1x20
    8923 Chocolate Flauta (Flutes)   1x99
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