Ice Cream

Styles_aboardWe stock Styles ice cream which is genuinely made on the Styles farm situated on the edge of Exmoor in North Devon using milk from their neighbour’s herd of Jersey cows.

The Styles brand is supported by very bright and eye catching point of sale material a lot of which can be customised to include your name and logo and the flavours you wish to stock. Click here for examples of what can be produced to enable Styles to assist you with your Ice cream sales.


Ice Cream

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    Ice Cream
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2227 Styles Napoli Salted Caramel   2x4.5ltr
    8498 Styles Napoli Vanilla Bean 4.5 ltr   2x4.5ltr
    1982 Styles Napoli Banana   2x4.5ltr
    9876 Styles Napoli Clotted Cream   2x4.5ltr
    6252 Styles Napoli Dutch Chocolate   2x4.5ltr
    1372 Styles Napoli Strawberry   2x4.5ltr
    4682 Styles Napoli Blackberry/Cream   2x4.5ltr
    9018 Styles Napoli Honeycombe   2x4.5ltr
    2921 Styles Napoli Mint Choc Chunk   2x4.5ltr
    5612 Styles Napoli Rum/Raisin   2x4.5ltr
    8379 Styles Napoli Toffee/Butterscotch   2x4.5ltr
    9889 Styles Napoli Ginger   2x4.5ltr
    1618 Styles Mango Sorbet 2lt   1x2 lt
    3767 Styles Stem Ginger 120ml   1x12
    5705 Styles Blackberry Cream 120ml   1x12
    6955 Styles Toffee & Butterscotch 120ml   1x12
    3957 Styles Honeycombe 120ml   1x12
    8060 Styles Chocolate 120ml   1x12
    9208 Styles Mint Choc 120ml   1x12
    8204 Styles Strawberry 120ml   1x12
    4606 Styles Vanilla 120ml   1x12
    5210 Styles Blackberry & Cream 4lt   1x4 lt
    7011 Styles Clotted Cream 4lt   1x4 lt
    4128 Styles Cappucino Coffee 4lt   1x4 lt
    7462 Styles Salted Caramel 4lt   1x4 lt
    6979 Styles Chocolate 4lt   1x4 lt
    2283 Styles Mint Choc 4lt   1x4 lt
    3651 Styles Strawberry 4lt   1x4 lt
    4998 Styles Vanilla 4lt   1x4 lt
    9923 Styles English Toffee 4lt   1x4 lt
    1737 Styles Honeycombe 4lt   1x4 lt
    2945 Styles Raspberry & Cream 4lt   1x4 lt
    8975 Styles Rum & Raisin 4lt   1x4 lt
    5661 Summertime Soft Vanilla 4lt   1x4lt
    Ice Cream Cones
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7714 Choc Dipped Torino Cones   1x196
    7199 Styles Sugar Waffle Cones   1x128
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    We also stock Antonelli cones.