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    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    2410 Gibsons Catg Sausage 8s   1x4.54kg
    2462 Gibsons Catg Sausage 4s   1x4.54kg
    2720 Gibsons Catg Sausage 6's   1x4.45kg
    7582 Gibsons Big-uns   1x5.19kg
    1312 Sausage Blakemans 8's   1x4.54kg
    1310 Sausage Blakemans 4's   1x4.54kg
    1311 Sausage Blakemans 6's   1x4.54kg
    2714 Cooked Blakemans 8s Sausages   1x48
    9406 Cooked Blakemans 4's Sausage   1x24
    1309 Sausage Blakemans 32's   1x4.54kg
    1594 Sausage Lincolnshire 8's   1x4.54kg
    2824 Sausage Reeves Pork 8s   1x4.54kg
    2931 Super Saver 8 Sausage   1x4.54kg
    2017 Super Saver 4's Sausage   1x4.54kg
    1340 Sausagemeat Cumberland   1x25lb
    1379 Standard Saveloy   1x54
    9036 Jumbo Saveloy   1x36
    3288 Italian Meat Balls   1x1kg
    2037 Black Pudding 2.4kg   1x2.4kg
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    4113 6oz 100% Steak Burger   1x30
    4362 100% 2oz Pure Beef Burger   1x48
    2435 100% 4oz Pure Beef Burger   1x48
    1036 Beefburger 4oz (113gm) Gibsons 90%   1x48
    1031 Beefburger 2oz (57gm) Gibsons 90%   1x48
    1034 Beefburger 4oz (113g) 80%   1x48
    3223 American Seasoned 4oz Standard Burger   1x48
    1037 Economy Burger 4oz (113g)   1x48
    2774 Cooked Flame Burger 4oz 80%   1x48
    1769 Pulled Pork Sandwich Filler 30x85g   1x30
    Bacon Products
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7546 Quality back bacon   1x2kg
    8373 SMOKED Back Bacon   1x 5 lb
    5364 Gammon Steaks 6oz /170gm   1x2
    Chicken Products
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5362 Chicken Skewers 2.5kg Southern Fried   1x2.5kg
    5340 Tabasco Hot Strips 3x1kg   3x1kg
    7797 BBQ Chicken Wings   1x2kg
    5933 Tempura Bites 1kg   1x1kg
    7031 Chicken Nuggets 22g BAG   1x1 kg
    9304 Country Style Battered Steaks 85g   1x12
    1385 Southern Fried Mini Fillet 2kg   1x2kg
    7095 X/Lge MV American Chicken Fillets   1x20
    1084 Hot & Spicy Fillet   1x18
    3329 Jumbo Chicken Bites   1x 2kg
    2641 Chicken Breast Strips 12mm   1x2.5kg
    2395 Cooked chicken Portions 10-12oz Halal   1x32
    7495 Roast Breast Supreme   1x2.5kg
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    We stock a wide range of meat products from Blakemans, Quality Foods, Stirchley, Meadow Vale and our own brand Gibsons Quality bacon and sausages.