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    Pies and Pasties
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5837 Christmas Cracker 130g   1x50
    6489 Turkey ham & Cran Pasty 283g   1x20
    1434 Rowes D shape Cornish Pastie   1x30
    3645 Rowes Cheese & Onion Pasty Unbaked   1x20
    2305 Rowes Reggae Reggae Pasty Unbaked   1x20
    9470 Rowes Cheese/Bacon Pasty   1x20
    9593 Rowes Cornish Steak Pasty 283g   1x20
    5586 Rowes Steak & Doom bar Pasty   1x20
    4176 Rowes 9" Sausage roll Unbaked   1x40
    8668 King Steak/Kidney Pie Baked   1 x 12
    8649 King Chicken/Mushroom Pie Baked   1 x 12
    1465 Pennylane Steak/Kidney Pie Unbaked   1x24
    2241 Pennylane Chicken/Mushroom Pie Unbaked   1x24
    6000 Pennylane Chicken Tikka 175g u/b Slice   1x36
    1106 PennyLane Breakfast Brunchie 230g   1x36
    6484 Pennylane Cheese & Ham 175g Slice   1x36
    5255 Pennylane Sausage Roll 6" Unbaked   1x60
    6499 King Sausage Roll 8" Unbaked   1x 48
    4145 King Sausage Roll Baked 8"   1x24
    7862 King WRAPPED Saus Roll Baked   1x24
    4934 Mini Sausage Rolls 15g   1x250
    6335 New Penny lane Baked Pastie   1x18
    7415 Pennylane Traditional pasty Unbaked   1x36
    2147 Proper Beef Pasty 283g Unbaked   1x20
    2083 Proper Steak Pasty 283g unbaked   1x20
    2082 Proper Balti Pasty Unbaked   1x20
    4256 Proper Lamb & Mint Pasty   1x20
    2086 Proper Pork/Apple Pasty Unbaked   1x20
    5230 Proper Chicken & Mushroom Pasty   1x20
    2638 Proper Tom/Cheese/Basil Pasty Unbaked   1x20
    2457 Proper Veg Pasty 283g Unbaked   1x20
    3669 Proper 6" Chorizo Sausage Roll   1x40
    1116 Proper Beef Pastie Baked   1x20
    1334 Pukka Steak & Kidney Baked   1x12
    1335 Pukka Steak & Kidney Unbaked   1x24
    2726 Pukka All Steak Pie   1x12
    3705 Pukka Steak & Ale Bkd   1x12
    1088 Pukka Chicken & Mushroom Baked   1x12
    1089 Pukka Chicken & Mushroom Unbaked   1x24
    1042 Pukka Beef & Onion Pie Baked   1x12
    1044 Pukka Beef & Onion Unbaked   1x24
    5415 Pukka Cheese & Onion PIE baked   1x12
    1100 Pukka Cheese & Onion Pasty Baked   1x12
    1125 Pukka Microwave All Steak   1x6
    3028 Pukka Microwave All Chicken   1x6
    5366 Pukka Large Pasty Baked   1x12
    1118 Pukka Pastie Traditional Unbaked   1x36
    1289 Pukka Pre-Sheeted Puff Pastry   1x2x10kg
    3844 Twin Pack pastry 10kg   1x2x5kg
    4506 Short Cut Pastry   1x20kg
    2087 Bacon/cheese Turnover Unbaked   1x24
    7970 Rancher Pasty Unbaked   1x24
    7752 Gibsons 8" Sausage roll Unbaked   1x40
    1940 Vegetable Slice Gibson   1x24
    2014 Steak Slice Gibson   1x24
    3901 Cheese Bean Sausage Slice Gibson   1x24
    Suet Puddings
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    1816 Puddings Lamb & Mint   1x8
    1815 Puddings Steak & Kidney   1x8
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