Pizza and Pasta

donna-italia_200We are pleased to be working as partners of Donna Italia and are able to supply their products to any establishments using the Donna Italia system. Please contact us to place orders for Donna Italia products.

Find out more : Donna Italia system

We also offer the Panesco and Pizza Plus products below to all our customers:

Pizza and Pasta

  • Pizza & Pasta
  • Last Updated 24/ 1/17

    Pizza & Pasta
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8376 Pizza slab Cheese & Tomato   1x6
    3178 Rectangular 12x16" Pizza Base   1x10
    2321 Pizzetta Ham & Salami   1x20
    2322 Pizzetta Vegetarian   1x20
    2763 Pizzetta Hawaiian   1x20
    9469 Diced Ham Topping 1kg   1x1kg
    3403 Spicy Chicken Topping 1kg   1x1kg
    4890 Spicy Beef Topping   1x1kg
    5986 Mini Spicy Meat Balls 1kg   1x1kg
    5662 Pepperoni Slices   1x1kg
    9024 Lasagne Verde Central   1x12
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    We stock pizza and pasta products by Panesco and Pizza Plus