Potato Products

  • Potato Products
  • Last Updated 24/ 1/17

    Potato Products
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    9764 Chips Freeze Chill 9/16 14mm Lutosa   1x10kg
    2871 Chips Steak Cut Lutosa 10mm x 18mm   1x10kg
    6584 Shoe String Chip 7x7mm   1x10kg
    4674 Lutosa Saute Potato   1x2.5kg
    1004 Lutosa Hash Browns   1x2.5kg
    4600 Spicy Potato Wedges Lutosa   1x2.5kg
    6313 Mashed Potato Lutosa   1x2.5kg
    2503 Jacket Potato 10-12 x 8.7kg   1x8.7kg
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    We stock potato products from Bannisters’ Farm and Lutosa