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    Seafood Products
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8351 Kilkeel 125/175 Prawn   1x2.5kg
    6318 Cold Water Prawn U150   1x2kg
    2707 Aqua Blue Wholetail Scampi   1x454g
    5492 Arctic Royal Scampi   1x454g
    4130 Skinless boneless 6-7 Cod   1x10lb
    1971 Battered Cod 6-7 (170-200g)   1x18
    1964 Battered Cod 8-10 (230-290g)   1x15
    1969 Breaded Plaice 6-7 (170-200g)   1x15
    4038 Ross Fish Finger   1x60
    5474 Fish cake 113g Five Star   1x30
    6636 Fish Cake 85g Five Star   1x30
    4034 Thai Cod & Prawn fishcake   1x24
    5593 Salmon & Dill Fish cake   1x24
    1574 Smoked Haddock Fish Cake   x24
    5610 Crab Meat 50/50   1x20x1lb
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